Training Courses

Enroll in ReadySetGrow, a no-fluff social media course for non-marketers. Here you will learn the key ideas and concepts behind viral marketing and crafting content that inspires. In as little as one training session, walk away feeling ready to start making your own content, and developing a distinctive personal brand around your area of expertise.

Social Media Strategy &


With a team of social natives on your side - strategists who think in hashtags, and creatives who speak in 240 characters or less, we know how to efficiently merge design, SEO and social media best practices to boost visibility and keep you connected with your target consumers and potential customers. whatever your goals, we have all the tools to get you to success.

Brand Consulting

Consultant & CEO, Ona Okoye, dives into all the questions you have about marketing, establishing, and growing a brand in todays digital landscape.

Influencer Partnerships

 By collaborating with powerful social media influencers, to create customized campaigns, you drive social media metrics further than traditional advertising can. Our agency utilizes artificial intelligence, to effectively develop data on the impact a persons’ social media has on the revenue of a project they are linked to.