Case Studies

Keababies Giveaway Campaign 

The Problem 
Our client, Keababies wanted to increase exposure in the Los Angeles market, and reach more of their target demographic.  
The Solution "What We Did"
We hosted a 2-day giveaway campaign leveraging influencer marketing, and targeting females who are mothers in the Los Angeles area.
The Results
Our giveaway amassed an organic reach of over 400,000 people on instagram alone. The campaign had 8.3% engagement rate and over 300 comments, shares and bookmarks, resulting in over 500 new followers, and bringing in return in sales for our client.

Mibakal Campaign 

The Problem 
The Mibakal online brand presence that was inconsistent with the brand message, which was ultimately hurting the brands engagement and connection with its target audience
The Solution "What We Did"
The brand needed a content refresher, and so we completely revamped Mibakals online brand presence. We deleted content that did not align with the brand message, and produced original content, with a stronger narrative, telling the brand story in a more authentic way.
The Results
The new content better connected with the target demographic, and Increased engagement by over 2000%


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